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Jacuzzi Whirlpool Bath Parts
From CCO Whirlpool and Spa Service
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16 Amp, 115 Volt Pump/Motor Assembly (w/o Switch) B1
J-Pump/Motor Assembly (8 Amp) B2
J-Pump/Motor Assembly B3
Pump Assembly B4
Motor Assembly B5
LT532 Pump Assembly B6
Jet Assembly B7
Air Control Assembly B8
Suction Fitting Assembly B9
Air Button Assembly B10
HTC Jet B11
AMH Jet B12
HTA Jet B13
BMH Jet B14
Rotary Ultra Jet Assembly (Viante) B15
Directionally Adjustable Ultra Jet Assembly (Viante) B16
MH Jet B17
HTB Jet B18
Air Cap Assembly B19
(Plated) Suction Cover/Strainer B20
Suction Fitting/Cover Assembly B21
Elbow Descriptions B21
BRAVA Suction Fitting B22
Air Control Assembly B23
Air Control Assembly (Air Box) B24
Air Control Assembly B25
One Position Control Panel (Air Control) B26
One Position Control Panel (Air Actuator) B26
2-Position Control Panel B27
2-Position Control Panel (Dual Function) B28
3- Position Control Panel B29
3- Position Control Panel B30
Air Switch/Actuator/Air Switch Button Plug B31
Magic Touch® Conversion/Repair Kit Assemblies B32
Timer Assembly B33
Electronic Magic Touch®On/Off Switch B34
Electronic Magic Touch®J-Box and Switch Assembly B35
Lamp/Transformer/Actuator Assembly B36
Vent/Drain Assemblies B37
Drain/Overflow B38
J-SHOWER TOWER Water Outlet/Hand-Held Shower B39
Shower Enclosure Wallbar Assembly B40
ALLUSIAN Control Panel Cover B41
AURA Control Panel Cover Assembly B42
FIORE Cover Assemblies B43
FONTANA Cover Assemblies B44
MAUREA Control Panel Cover Assemblies (Levels 1 & 2) B45
Rapid Heat Heater B46
Bellavista 5/6 Electronic Control System B47
Electric Air Valve Assy B48
Other Items Available B49

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